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Sherlean Lee
Sherlean Lee

Sherlean Lee
President and Founder

We are an affiliate of the only National African American

breast cancer survivorship organization,

Sisters Network© Inc. which is located in Houston, Texas.

The primary objective is to unite with Central Florida communities, health care agencies and faith-based organizations to ensure that all African American women are empowered with the information and resources they need to take charge of their own health.
The best defense against breast cancer starts with you!

Sisters Network, Inc.© recommends these steps for early detection:

  • Monthly breast self exam (BSE) starting at age 20.
  • Clinical breast examination by a trained medical professional every 2-3 years beginning at age 20 and annually after age 40.
  • Mammography screening every one to two years for women ages 35-40 (if your mother or sister has had breast cancer, you may need to get mammogram earlier and more frequently)
  • ANNUAL MAMMOGRAM SCREENING is recommended for women age 40+.

We invite you to our meetings, participate in our programs or donate so we may continue serving our community.

Lunch and Learn
September 21, 2013
2013 Block Walk
October 26, 2013


     Sisters Network Inc.

2012 Gift for Life Blockwalk Donators

9th Street Church of Christ Winter Gardens, FL - Pastor Xerxes M. Snell

Colonial Medical Supply

Brighton Collectables

Hope Church Orlando, FL

Flute Juice Productions

Commissioner Daisy Lynum

Monica May - Star 94.5

Marlin Daniels - Costco

Jim W. Duncan - Raymond James Assoc.

Nathaniel C. Sanders

Lonnie & Magnolia Harris

Gerri Byrd Tartt - Mental Health & EAP Services

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